Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's in a Name?

Ever since I read Cliff's blog about a story he wrote using a pseudonym he refuses to reveal (the tease), I started thinking about my own nomme de plume. Like Clifford, I've considered branching out into new territory, but would need a new name to go there. (Also like Cliff, said territory will remain unnamed, but let your own imaginations take you where you will.)

I was pondering this dilemma while checking my email when by the grace of God and Spam, two beauties fell right into my inbox: Ernestina Whoppingpenis and Clyde Thunderstick.

Now if only I could decide between the two...

On a more serious note, his idea of a complete, edited and submitted short story per month was a pretty good one. Ambitious, but not impossible. Go, Cliff! :)

Anybody else have writing goals for this year that they'd like to share?