Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Color of Blood and Other Stuff

Somehow, I managed to cut my finger just before I got in the shower today. I have no idea how, but I noticed it was bleeding. I didn't want to put a bandage on it and then get in the shower---ewww, soggy Band-Aid (shivers)-- but this made washing my hair difficult as well as painful, so I just kept that arm out of the water and watched blood drip down my hand.

That's when it occurred to me. Blood is not crimson. Maybe it could be called scarlet, but my painter's eye declared Cadmium Red Light. But crimson and scarlet sound sexy, they look sexy when you write them down. "The Cadmium Red Light Tide, for instance, just doesn't flow nearly as well a Crimson Tide does.

Why do I bring this up? No reason other than my finger hurts and I'm risking bleeding Cadmium Red Light all over the keyboard.

But I'm willing to take that risk to add a few new links to this blog: Clifford Brooks, Sidney Williams, CS Harris and Charles Gramlich. I hope they'll forgive me. I've been reading so many interesting and fun blogs lately (most of them via links from Stewart's blog) that I can see that I'm way out of my league here. But I'm having fun, even if my keyboard now sports an odd mix of cad red light and gray, soon to turn a muddy shade of burnt sienna.


Stewart Sternberg said...

We've got an interesting little writers' community going don't we? I love Charles and Sidney. Wayne Allen Sallee is a great guy, too. Harris, Christine, Avery and sphinx, and Clinton, all good people.

William Jones, editor of Dark Wisdom, suggested I start my blog. He felt it was important for a writer to have a presence on the net. Within a few weeks of starting the blog, I began to have dialogue with the likes of Gramlich and Sallee. It's been pretty wonderful.

If you get a chance stop by Jon Zech's blog. Besides being a close friend, he is a great writer. He recently posted a poem that had me applauding. I hate poetry.

Kate S said...

Cool! Thanks for the names, Stewart. I'll check them out. It is interesting and fun (and sometimes humbling, even) how quickly and closely the writing community seems to come together.

Within the first week of starting my other blog, Diane Duane left a comment and I was stunned. Of course, she was correcting an error in a statement I'd made about her work (and I'm glad she did even though I was mightily embarrassed, lol.)

Stewart Sternberg said...

The Diane Duane comment cracked me up. You know, it always amazes me to see my name in links and then below my name, as in your blog, there's the name of a writer I respect.

When I was younger I ran for library board. It was the Dole Clinton election. I went to vote, and it cracked me up to see my name on the same ballot, below Dole and Clinton.

Kate S said...

It's a sign, Stewart, a sign! Great things to come. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog. We do have a great little community going here. Fun, AND educational.

Kate S said...

Thanks for stopping by and not minding about the link, Charles. :)

I probably should have asked permission first, but I tend to live by the motto "Beg forgiveness rather than ask permission." :)

SQT said...

Thanks for linking to my blog too. Hope to see you around.

Sidney said...

I'd never thought about crimson vs. Cadmium Red but that's a good point. One of my friends just got a bad cut while making French fries, which reminded me of a bad kitchen cut I gave myself once, so I feel your pain.

Thanks for the link.

Kate S said...

You're welcome, SQT and Sidney. :)