Monday, January 8, 2007


To my blog for writers and fans of speculative fiction in all its flavors: dark, light, and yes folks, even romantic. (Although I started this blog to differentiate it from my paranormal romance blog, since my current WIP is not a romance.)

A word of warning to those who rolled their eyes at that last item: if, at any time in the course of discussing fiction, speculative romance is vilified, I will immediately invoke Harlequin's Law. :)

Now, since readership building takes time, I'll just start by saying "hello" and "welcome" if you've found your way here, and recommend a few good reads & links.

If you haven't read "In the Company of Ogres" by A. Lee Martinez, and you enjoy humorous fantasy (such as Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett) then I think you'd enjoy that one. An unpublished writer that I recently discovered (and who makes me want to buy a publishing company so that I can launch his career and become very wealthy *g*) is Stewart Sternberg.

Actually, I've read stories from so many talented writers whose work is considered outside mainstream fiction that I am seriously looking into starting my own publishing business. I imagine the big houses probably got big catering to the masses, but I also believe the niche markets are still alive and well. I've read on some blogs that people think the paranormal/speculative fiction lines will soon tank, but I recently tried to take a stroll down the sf/f aisle at Barnes & Noble and had a hard time getting through. One sight that warmed my heart as I was elbowing my way down the aisle was a dad pointing out his favorites and describing them to his little girl. She looked to be about 5.

I don't think the fans are going anywhere.


Avery DeBow said...

As long as there's a world people want to escape, there'll always be a market for fantasy. And as long humans commit incomprehensible acts, there will be a demand for the demonic manifestation of them within the safety of fiction.

Paranormal stories have been around since humans have been able to scratch pictures in the dirt. The market for them may grow and shrink with social trends, but it won't disappear.

The Insect said...

It's always been a secret dream of mine to start my own publishing company. Of course, I'm currently underage, so I'd have to wait anyway. And for a while I contemplated fabricating an agency to market my work without waiting for some established agent to bite. Then I did some research, and realized how complicated the whole business is and that there's a dearth of info on how agents do what they do, so I plodded back onto the serpentine traditional route.

Kate S said...

Those are good point, Avery. I think a lot of action/thriller movies also fill in some of that gap of "demonic manifestation" in a different way. We get to see people at their worst, possibly there's some "reasoning" why they're doing it, and in the safety of the theater or our homes, we get to see them punished too. I prefer my demons a little less human, though. :)

Your post reminds me of an idea I've had for a painting for a while. I've been working out the details and sketches and so far it's tentatively entitled "Campfire Ghouls." There are various monsters sitting around a campfire, wide-eyed, while they tell "horror stories" - above their heads, you see the terrible acts humans commit.

Kate S said...

(meant to say good pointS, I'm in typo hell today for some reason)

Hi "Insect"! Thanks for stopping by. I can believe that you had a hard time finding out about agents, etc. There is also a dearth of information about starting a publishing company too - nothing in the libraries, bookstores or intenet. Plenty of stuff if you want to self-publish; nothing if you want to publish others. I suppose I could take some of the self-publishing principles and apply them elsewhere, but it's annoying to not find any information about starting such a business. There is a small print publisher not far from where I live and I'm thinking to call to see if they'd be willing to conduct an informational interview. The worst that could happen is that they'd say, "no", right?

Meanwhile, I've been doing research into LLC, zoning, etc. and it's a little complicated and fairly expensive. Nevertheless, I'm not completely scared off yet. I'm still looking into it. I did find a helpful article on becoming an e-publisher, but I'd really like to do produce and electronic.

As I'm writing this, it occurred to me that the first time I had this idea was about eight years ago - about seven years before I started taking writing seriously. I told somebody then that one day I'd like to start a publishing company--part of whose proceeds would go to charities--and if it ever got big enough, fund a charitable foundation with it.

I think I'll get off here and go do some more research. :)

Kate S said...

Geez, I wasn't kidding when I said typo hell - I don't really want to do produce and electronic. LOL
I want to produce print and electronic books.

I suppose I could always work in the produce setion if it doesn't work out. :)

Stewart Sternberg said...

Thanks for the kind words. By all means, start a publishing company and publish me. God..the rejections have been wonderful this last year.

Good news, I do expect to be published in two horror anthologies this year, but I never count anything as being published until I see it published.

Anyway, peace to you.

Kate S said...

You're welcome, Stewart, and congratulations on the anthologies. I do know what you mean about not counting it as published until it's actually out there. I'm SUPPOSED to have a story included in an anthology in the next few months, but the contract still hasn't been completely ironed out so I suppose anything could happen. I'm hopeful, though - if nothing else, I did get a free author's chat out of it and some exposure on their website. I'm almost a real boy. :o)

Avery DeBow said...

That sounds like a cool painting, Kate. If ever you get it done, I'd like to see an image of it.

I admire anyone who wants to enter the realm of business. My brain sort of shears off at the left hemisphere, leaving a whistling, gaping chasm.

I'd say congrats, Stewart, but as you said, nothing's done until it's in print. But, I'll be holding my breath and crossing many fingers for you until you tell us it's a totally done deal.

Kate S said...

Thanks, Avery. As soon as I'm finished, I'd be happy to let you see it. I'm in the midst of some serious life evaluation these days and may take the leap into another way of living very soon. But I'll blog about that another time. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, please, do start a publishing company, Rebecca :)

In the latest RWR there is an article about a big name author and 5 others who started their own publishing company which sticks to pubbing Southern fiction. You might find it interesting.

Kate S said...

Thanks for the tip, Michelle! I'll try to find it. For some reason, I haven't been getting my magazines lately and have meaning to call to ask about it. Now I have more incentive to do so. :)