Saturday, April 28, 2007

Everyone's a Critic...

I suppose it was inevitable. The mixed review. Here for your viewing
pleasure is the second review I've received for "Unmasked."
(The first one was great, this one... not so much...)
Here is what Two Lips had to say about it:
"Unmasked is interesting and well written. The characters are complex and their interaction intriguing. The surprise and rather untraditional ending left me with mixed emotions. On one hand I appreciated the manner in which everything came around full circle but on the other I doubt the credibility of the storyline. Overall, it was a good read though."
Overall, "good enough". I'm not bitter. (Mutter, mutter, piss midget, mutter mutter... ) I guess it could have been much worse.


Susan Miller said...

Oh Kate, don't you know that Two Lips is barely literate? Someone actually had to read your story to Two Lips. Two Lips has been trying, unsuccessfully for years mind you, to come up with a sentence for a story past "I suck so everyone else must also." It has been a hard life for Two Lips. We should only have pity for the piss midget.

On the other hand, the fact that Two Lips had good things to say, also means we can only consider that there may be hope for this individual.

Have a great Sunday! ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

copy and paste the whole review to a file, then delete any non-positive element and print the result for your wall.

I would actually take this review as quite positive. Good job.

cs harris said...

That wasn't a bad review. That was a luke warm review. I still remember the review of THE BEQUEST that had me rolling on the floor in a fetal position, crying. I've found that anything less than a glowing review stings. I just tell myself the reviewer is an idiot. Unfortunately, the world is full of idiots and many of them love to write reviews (it's so much easier than writing a book).

Steve Malley said...

My first graphic novel was universally reviled by those few critics who bothered. The nicest thing said about it in English (Germans, for some reason, seemed quite fond) was "direct-to-video". I consoled my self with fan letters from readers who 'got it'...

avery said...

Those who can't do teach -- and review.

F**k em.

avery said...

Stewart's gonna read that and punch me in the head, so I'll apologize to those who both teach AND do.

Kate S said...

SUSAN - LOL, thanks for the unflagging support! :)

CHARLES - I thought about that, but I'm always leery of, and cynical about, those reviews that carry ellipses... "It was...great..." (Original quote: It was a great big pile of poo.") :)

C.S. - Oh, so sorry about your bad experience. I'm waiting for one of those to come through. You're right - this one was lukewarm. It could have been worse.

STEVE - How funny about the differences between the English & the German!

AVERY - I doubt Stewart is so overtly violent as to punch you in the head. Perhaps cause a shift in the time-space continuum and blast you off to another world, but not punch you in the head. :)

I think what probably bothered me most about this review is the fact that I almost agree with her. I did wonder if the story line was too unbelievable when I wrote it, but then I remembered that the premise of the series is that people get to ask a god or goddess to make a wild fantasy come true. It was supposed be incredible.

And actually, if I had reviewed it, I would have been much tougher. I'm probably the worst critic of my work.

SQT said...

Overall, the review wasn't bad, though it did lack some credibility. All in all, a mediocre read.


Sidney said...

I like what they're doing on TV for "Smokin' Aces" "The NY Times had this to say about Smokin' Aces - 'Blam' `Blam' `Expletive' `Blam'"

The best way to accept a review is with a laugh and a grin.

avery said...

Sidney, I got to watch Smokin' Aces last night. The reviewers were honest; that's all there is to the entire movie.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I've never received a review on anything I've written. So, congratulations on that. I need to read your work and Charles and post my own reviews. I have Charles' novel by my bedstand. Now, that's scary.

Lucas Pederson said...

COngrats on the review! At least you got one.
Oh, I've got another first sentence assignment posted, if your interested, on my blog.

Kate S said...

SQT - Very funny - thanks for the laugh. :)

SIDNEY - That's great. You're right, of course. I think a grain of salt is in order too.

STEWART - What are you talking about? We've all reviewed your work and it's universally (well, within the multiverse reading your blog) loved. Please don't review my book. :)

LUCAS - Thanks. I took a peek. I have an idea that I got from being in the ER with my daughter for four hours the other evening. (She's ok - slight concussion) If I have time, I'll give it a try.