Friday, May 25, 2007

Angry White People

Sometimes you have to laugh at life's appalling absurdities. Like the pictures I shared with a coworker today, for example.

See, I work on our intra- and inter-net sites at work, as well as create many of our publications and online learning modules, so I have to access to numerous photographs and graphics. I recently received a set of pics from someone in multi-media that were taken during a Multi-Cultural Task Force meeting - you know, a group put together to promote peace, harmony and unity, while celebrating diversity in the workplace.

Hmm.... I looked them over, trying to find a good shot... what's this? They all have something in common... our loving, multi-cultural task force is comprised of all caucasions who appear to be in a heated, bitter discussion. This one is glaring at that one, that one has her fingers in this one's face, all are late 40's to early 50's, and nary a color appears other than white, white, white. There was, however, one man. I guess he added diversity to the otherwise all female group.

I had to laugh. It beat crying. Maybe the photographer meant them to be an example of what NOT to do? One can hope. After all, false hope springs eternal...

As for my own angry white face, I got spam this morning from an email designed to look exactly like my own from! Those b@$t@rds! So I apologize in advance to anyone who may receive spam that looks like it came from me.

In fact, any emails from me should be regarded with at least some suspicion through the first week of July. Starting June 1, my computer time will be severely limited - mainly confined to sneaking in at work - as I'll have my computer in storage while I'm temporarily homeless.

After next week, I may move out to San Francisco and borrow a towel from Clifford. :)

Have a great weekend, ya'll.


Steve Malley said...

Good times and bad, the only real advice I can give is keep your center and flow with it.

This too shall pass.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm still chuckling about "Hell Satin."

Susan Miller said...

Damn, Kate.

Susan Miller said...

I came back to say you always have a place in Mississippi.

Kate S said...

Thanks, Steve. :)

Charles, I still have to laugh whenever I think about it. I guess she was an angry "tan" kid(part Latino).

She still tickles me - I go in her room and there amid the scandalous clothing, scary posters and boys' phone numbers, I'll find things like teddy bears wrapped in blankets and a pink balloon she named Ramona.

Aw, Susan, thanks. I may take you up on that! :) I'll be housesitting from 6/19 - 7/4, then our new place will be ready, but from 6/2 - 6/18, I haven't got a place. I guess we'll stay in a hotel those couple of weeks.

My boss just sold her place and has to be out mid-June, also with no place to go, so I told her we should set up a couple of tents on the beach. :)

Sidney said...

I work with a lot of stock photography too.

Do you find you can't look at a billboard or newspaper ad without going - !Ah they got that face from Creatas."

Kate S said...

Funny - that's so true, Sidney. I see that most e-book covers get their art from Fotolia.

The sad thing about those particular pictures, though, is that it wasn't stock - it was the hospital's own people, taken during a meeting of the "mutli-cultural" task force.

avery said...

"In accordance to budget cuts, hospital diversity will now come in only one color."


I knew a person who once lived at a campground for a couple of months to save money. Had a job (although not a great one), but just decided rent and utilities were killing him. So, he moved into a campground for half a year. Saved a lot, too.

Kate S said...

So funny, Avery. One color, one sex, and two religions. I guess they figured that was more than enough.

I did think about a campground I know, but there are a lot of unsavory characters that also hang out there. I've joked about pitching a tent on the beach - it's just not safe enough to do so, or I would seriously consider it.