Thursday, August 9, 2007

Top 10 Best Places to Work

You know, you've heard me say it before, I want to start my own company. I want to give those new writers a place to shine, a place to be seen, read and heard. I want to give part of the profits to organizations that help make the world a better place - yes, I want to do all of that.

There's another humanitarian goal that spurs me as well - you see, I want to give people the benefits they really need, as well as support working mothers and single parents in ways that are real and lasting. So, I decided that when I do have my own business (and have it I shall) I will offer not just the usual holiday/sick day package, but also:

5 wellness days

10 sick child days

10 no baby/pet sitter days

15 mental health days

20 bad hair days (aka "call in ugly" days)

24 nothing to wear/no clean clothes/everything needs ironed/even my fat pants don't fit days

These are the things, my friends, that the working mom really needs. I could have called in ugly today.


Charles Gramlich said...

This sounds like a platform I could get behind, Kate. I say you should run for President. Screw the business thing, seek power.

Kate S said...

LOL, thanks, Charles.

Yes, as a single dad, I would imagine you could relate to some of the issues.

avery said...

Throw in a couple of, "I really don't feel like doing anything but sleeping today," days and I'll be your minion.

Lucas Pederson said... wife would love to work for you.
And I agree with Charles. You should run for president! Get America in your clutches...and squeeze.

Kate S said...

Avery, I did think I should add a few "I broke the snooze button on my alarm clock" days. I could use several of those myself.

LOL, Lucas. I may have to work a bit on my foreign policy, though it's basically, "You leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. Let's all just play nicely, shall we? If not, somebody might have to take a time out."

sfgirl said...

You will definitely have your own business with that platform! Forget politics...that's a waste of your talents. The REAL power is in conglomerates and media. Go for Bill Gates job and revolutionize the world!

Kate S said...

Now there's a thought, sfgirl! Maybe take over Starbucks & McDonald's, too, while I'm at it...

Thanks for stopping by.:)

Sidney said...

Oh, man, bad hair-day dispensations sounds great!

Jon said...

Straw vote: Kate for president of the world.

Hire me and I won't need the sick kid kids.
Nor the 15 mental health's far too late.
After the chemo I had more than my share of "no hair days."
Clothing deficiency days? I'd never show up.
But sick pet days? Consider me your writer slave for life.

Steve Malley said...

Your post brought me a smile at way-too-early-in-New Zealand!

Ever wonder why:

Europeans-- work 30 hours a week and get health care, vacations and like 90 personal days a year.

The US-- two full time, 40-hour jobs are just about enough to only lose ground slowly. Assuming the car stays working and no one gets sick, of course.

Of course, what do I know? I recently cut my twenty hour work week down to fifteen...

Kate S said...

Sidney, I'm afraid I'd use up all my bad hair days within the first couple of weeks.

Jon - writer slave... now that has possibilities.

Steve - I think I should emmigrate.


Sphinx Ink said...

What FABULOUS ideas. Wish you'd run for president...or at least that the candidates would adopt your proposal. I'll send you my resume!