Friday, February 9, 2007


Well, I got the cover to the anthology during the "break" I took this week. Here it is: Masquerade

So, how has everyone been lately? I've been lurking about (fortunately, no arrests) but haven't had time to comment much.


Stewart Sternberg said...

I have to tell you, I've been thinking about breaking as well. If I thought I would use every moment I spent blogging on productively writing, I'd be gone in a second. I know though that I would only pop a game into the playstation or a movie on the telly.

The blog represents a network for me. Or so I think.

Charles Gramlich said...

Kate, congrats. This is a good cover. It uses good color combinations and catches one's attention.

Stewart, I try to limit the time I spend on the blog, but I do think it cuts occassionally into my writing time.

Kate S said...

I know what you mean, Stewart. My break was more just a matter of getting caught up at work and home and getting some much needed rest. Have to say, didn't do much of any of that! But I did get the slightest of mental health breaks, and that was much needed too. I needed to de-stress.

I had also hoped to spend more time productively writing, but until my job settles down, that's going to be hard. It's been a real energy sap.

Oh, well. Networking is one way to look at it. It also helps keep writing in front of me, even if I'm not working on any of the stories that sit staring at me accusingly on my hard drive.

Kate S said...

Thanks, Charles - we must have been writing our comments at the same time, because yours wasn't here when I responded to Stewart's.

Sidney said...

Nice cover. I like the face in the upper left corner, kind of mysterious and it kind of sneaks up on you.

Speaking of blogging, when I write in the mornings on weekdays I try to work on a project first, then work on a blog post, though I've been varying my routine a little.

I agree with the network aspect Stewart mentions and blogging is also a way to keep words flowing which I think has value.

Steve said...

Very nice cover. And we're well, thanks for asking. :-)

It was a long week with you so quiet, though...

Kate S said...

SIDNEY - Thanks. I think you're right about the blogging keeping the words flowing - at least on some level.

STEVE - LOL. Thanks. :)

Stewart Sternberg said...

By the did you feel when you saw the cover for the anthology? I am always curious about that. I think it's cool, but I'm not you.

Me? I tend to hide stuff from myself. I know that Fishing With The Little people is online right now, but I have NO desire to look at it or its setting.

I remember when Sinesteria came in the mail..slick magazine now defunct. I have it hidden on a shelf out of sight, and I only showed it to a couple of people (exterior only) before putting it away.

I think there's something wrong with me.

Kate S said...

LOL, Stewart.

You know, it's funny, but I think we have varying degrees of the same illness. I had an illustration published in a magazine some years ago - I can't even tell you where it is now. I never showed it to anyone, and only looked at it once. I've thrown away painting that others rescued from the garbage that I won't look at either.

I made myself to show the cover - I almost didn't, but then thought I should. I felt I owed it to the other writers in the antho. It was kinda neat to see it, but in truth, I liked the cover art on the first two volumes better, but that's ok. It's weird seeing it, embarrassing, but fun too. I guess I've got mixed feelings about it. :)

Now, where is your story? I'd like to read it.

Susan Miller said...

The cover is very intriguing, Kate. I enjoy the various "snips" that seem to allure a potential reader. Good stuff!

It's great to have you back.

Susan Miller said...

I think I should have said "lure" instead of "allure"....I obviously had a break from words, also. Good gosh!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Okay, since you asked nicely, here:

You'll notice I didn't post that on my blog.

Kate S said...

Thanks Susan and Stewart.

I'll read your story in a little bit, Stu - I'm trying to update my main website right now and had to come on here to make sure I've got everyone's names & links spelled right. :)